Who we are

Who we are:

Established in 2012, Nasaem Khair has strived to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian afflicted people right from the beginning of the Syrian Crisis in order to save and relieve those who are the most affected by the conflict. Nasaem started as an integrated team working tirelessly to bring back students to their demolished schools, to feed families that are unable to secure a loaf of bread, and to condole individuals afflicted with grief and loss. For this we have gathered, upholding a mission of relief, development, and education.
Registered in Turkey in October 2015, Nasaem Khair has been providing humanitarian aid in multiple sectors; Food Security and Livelihood, Non-food Items and Shelter, Education, Health and Protection. We believe that humanitarian aid will be provided to people in need regardless of their language, sex, race, or nationality. Aid is to be prioritized solely on the basis of need. Equally, we believe that aid will not be used to further a particular standpoint. Nasaem has been implementing sustainable programs that improve access of the most vulnerable families to both immediate lifesaving assistance and long-term recovery, increasing opportunities for future generations.

  • A leading society in science and knowledge, living in dignity.
  • Nasaem Khair is humanitarian, independent and non-profit organization. Nasaem Khair seeks to rebuild, enhance and develop the society and focuses its works in the field of social development and human advancement through:
    • Providing humanitarian assistance in line with needs;
    • Contribution to capacity building and human resources development;
    • Supporting the educational and developmental process, raising awareness of the most vulnerable people and supporting the oppressed and the needy groups to achieve human dignity.

    We believe in joint actions; we work diligently to promote society and we deal with those who we serve in a spirit of love and empathy, as they deserve the best.
    • Excellence and creativity.
    • Mutual respect and teamwork.
    • Treating others with esteem and respect.
    • Honesty.
    • Responsibility and commitment.
    • Improvement and continuous development.
    • Accountability and transparency.
    • - Enhancing human dignity and diligently seeking social justice
    • - Eliminating hunger and poverty, raising living standards of those most in need and activating their roles in the society.
    • - Building a generation with knowledge, lighting the candles of knowledge to be a beacon in the face of ignorance.
    • - Spreading community awareness in order to define society's rights and duties.
    • - Ensuring a healthy society free from epidemics and ready for work.